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Muli, Meemu Atoll


Muli is the capital of Meemu Atoll, and the proposed capital for the Medhu Province of the Maldives

Muli is the main break you can surf in Meemu. This righthander itself is worth a trip from Male. When it is working well, the ride is endless offering sometimes hollow sections for tubing.

Muli Channel in the Meemu Atoll is one of the best dolphin spots in the Maldives. Dolphin watching at Muli Channel gives a success rate of 85%, all year round. Better the weather is, better chance of seeing dolphins. In this point the dolphins are very friendly, usually follows the boat and perform high jumps if you clap and applause

Discover local people & how they live. Talk to the friendly people, join them in cafes & talk about the lifestyle of people & tradition, about food or enjoy taking photos or walking through the island.

You can simply relax on the beach under shades of the trees, read a book, watch Sunrise and Sunset & listen to sound of sea breeze or waves that will refresh your mind. Enjoy snorkeling, sun tanning, fishing on the beach & then make own BBQ. Fishing lines & hooks are available to buy from local shops at minimal price.

There are few Shops where you can buy soft drinks, biscuits & also there are few local Cafe's from where you can enjoy local & some Int’l dishes at low price. Also you can enjoy eating Hedhi-ka, which is local short eats which the cafes serve at low price including Coffee, tea varieties of juices.

Do not forget to bring your own snorkeling gears & suntanning lotions though they are available to buy from local shops. Water Sports facilities are available for rent from some of the Guest Houses. It is advisable to check type of water sports facilities available at the time of booking.

Muli Meemu Atoll, a captivating island nestled in the Maldives, beckons with its breathtaking beauty and offers a haven for surf enthusiasts. Renowned for hosting some of the fastest waves, it stands as a surfer's paradise.

Beyond the exhilarating surf, Meemu Muli invites visitors to discover the pristine allure of the Maldives, providing an authentic immersion into Maldivian culture. With budget-friendly accommodation options, this island welcomes travelers seeking an unforgettable journey through the heart of paradise.


Surf Adventures Await


MEEMU Atoll boasts MULI, the primary surf break, known for its exhilarating right-hand wave. MULI INSIDE/F1 offers long walls, hollow barrels, and protection from southerly winds, providing a thrilling surfing experience.

What sets MEEMU Atoll apart is the close proximity of its surf spots, allowing surfers to effortlessly switch between them within a few minutes!


Cozy Retreats


Muli Meemu Atoll, a picturesque destination in the Maldives, welcomes surfers and tourists alike to its shores. With a focus on local tourism, the island provides budget-friendly accommodations that cater to the diverse needs of travellers.

From cozy guesthouses to affordable lodges, Muli offers a range of options, ensuring both surf enthusiasts and general tourists can enjoy a comfortable stay while experiencing the beauty of this tropical paradise


Island Essentials

AN Coffee Club
AN Coffee Club

Nestled in the heart of Muli, Meemu Atoll, AN Coffee Club is the ultimate destination for coffee lovers and food enthusiasts. Whether you're a local resident or a tourist exploring the Maldives, this charming café offers a unique blend of flavors and a welcoming atmosphere that makes it a must-visit spot.

Located in the picturesque village of Muli in Meemu Atoll, AN Coffee Club is easily accessible to both locals and tourists. The café is situated near several popular attractions, making it a convenient stop during your exploration of the island. Visitors can reach the café by foot, bike, or a short drive from any part of Muli. The best time to visit is during the morning or late afternoon, when the café is less crowded and you can fully enjoy the ambiance. AN Coffee Club stands out for its exceptional coffee, delicious food, and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you're looking for a place to catch up with friends, enjoy a quiet moment with a book, or experience local hospitality, this café offers it all. The rave reviews from both locals and tourists alike attest to the high-quality service and delightful experiences that await you at AN Coffee Club.If you find yourself in Muli, Meemu Atoll, make sure to visit AN Coffee Club. With its outstanding menu, inviting ambiance, and convenient location, it's the perfect spot to relax and indulge in some of the best coffee and cuisine the Maldives has to offer. Don't miss out on this gem – your taste buds will thank you!

Masjid Jaamiu
Masjid Jaamiu

Masjid Jaamiu

Nestled in the heart of Muli, Meemu Atoll, stands the revered Masjid Jaamiu, the oldest mosque in our cherished community. With a history that spans over a century, this sacred space has been a beacon of faith and unity for generations.Through the gentle passage of time, Masjid Jaamiu has undergone thoughtful renovations, each breath of restoration breathing new life into its venerable walls while preserving the essence of its ancient charm. The mosque's architecture, a testament to the craftsmanship of our forefathers, whispers tales of devotion and artistry.As you step inside, you are greeted by an ambiance that echoes the old trends, a timeless blend of history and spirituality. The intricate designs and venerable structure stand as a living museum, offering a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage that our ancestors so diligently carved and constructed.

Mulakatholhu Atholhuge
Mulakatholhu Atholhuge

Atholhuge (Atoll House) of Mulaku Atoll (aka Meemu Atoll) in Muli. During the time when the Atoll-Chiefs ruled the atolls, the most important and prestigious house in the atoll was the Atholhuge

Muli Police Station
Muli Police Station

Muli Island is safeguarded by its own police station, ensuring the safety and security of the community through vigilant law enforcement

Volleyball Court
Volleyball Court

In Muli, volleyball is a widely enjoyed outdoor recreational activity, embraced by both men and women of all ages. The sport holds a significant place in the community, with many residents actively participating in and supporting volleyball events.volleyball is a widely enjoyed outdoor recreational activity. The sport holds a significant place in the community, with many residents participating in and supporting volleyball events. The local volleyball courts are popular gathering spots, fostering both casual play and competitive matches. Volleyball's popularity in Muli makes it one of the major sports in the region, contributing to the area's vibrant sports culture.

Muli Regional Hospital
Muli Regional Hospital

Muli Regional Hospital Officially opened on January 8, 1990, the hospital currently has 14 doctors. These include 5 doctors who treat special diseases. They are a pediatrician, a gynecologist, a surgeon, an anesthesiologist and a dentist. m. Apart from the people of the province, the people of the neighboring provinces also seek services from this hospital. The Regional Hospital has 24 compassionate nurses. Most of them are nurses from Muli. Meemu Muli Regional Hospital, situated in the Maldives, serves as a vital healthcare hub in the heart of Meemu Atoll. Committed to enhancing community well-being, the hospital offers a comprehensive range of medical services, from primary care to specialized treatments. With a focus on patient-centric care and advanced facilities, Meemu Muli Regional Hospital plays a crucial role in promoting health and ensuring accessibility to quality healthcare services for residents and visitors alike in the picturesque atoll setting

MULI stands out as the primary surf break in MEEMU, offering an exhilarating surfing experience. MULI INSIDE/F1 presents a rapid right-hand wave characterized by long walls, hollow barrels, and the possibility of shallowness, yet it concludes with a safe ending. This surf spot is exceptionally well-protected from southerly winds, enhancing the overall surfing experience.

The right-hander at MULI is deemed a worthwhile trip from Male'. In favorable conditions, surfers can enjoy the thrill of riding through occasionally hollow sections, offering tubing experiences. MEEMU Atoll hosts islands situated along an east-facing coastline. This orientation ensures consistent protection for both left and right-handers from the prevailing southwesterly wind direction. However, adverse effects may occur with south easterly or easterly winds impacting all spots negatively.

What sets MEEMU Atoll apart is the close proximity of its surf spots, allowing surfers to effortlessly switch between them within a few minutes!

MULI OUTSIDE, known as MUSHROOMS, captures additional swell during southwest winds. This right-hander boasts long walls but can reach its maximum potential quite easily. Exiting is made simple with an easy route around the corner.

Meemu Atoll Education Centre
Meemu Atoll Education Centre

Meemu Atoll Education Centre is a cornerstone of learning in the Maldives, fostering academic excellence and community growth. With a commitment to education, the center provides a diverse range of educational programs, nurturing students in a vibrant and supportive environment. Through innovative teaching methods and a dedicated faculty, Meemu Atoll Education Centre empowers learners, preparing them for a dynamic future and contributing to the overall development of Meemu Atoll's intellectual and cultural landscape.

Masjidhul musaavaath
Masjidhul musaavaath

Located in the serene and picturesque Muli of Meemu Atoll, the Masjidhul Musaavaath stands as the largest and main mosque in the area. This architectural gem is not only a place of worship but also a significant landmark for the local community and visitors alike.Location and SurroundingsAs you make your way from the harbor, passing through the tranquil Izzudheen Park, you'll find the majestic Masjidhul Musaavaath on the right side of the road. Its towering minaret and elegant design make it a beacon of spiritual and communal life in Muli. Directly in front of the mosque lies the Meemu Atoll Education Centre, a hub for learning and growth for the region's youth.On the other side of the mosque, you'll find the Bank of Maldives, serving the financial needs of the local population, and a kindergarten preschool, nurturing the youngest members of the community.

BML Muli Branch
BML Muli Branch

Bank of Maldives Muli branch provides essential financial services to the island, offering banking solutions, facilitating transactions, and contributing to the economic growth of Muli in Meemu Atoll

I'zzudheen park
I'zzudheen park

Izzudheen Park in Muli, Meemu Atoll

Izzudheen Park, situated in the picturesque island of Muli in Meemu Atoll, is a charming and family-friendly community space. This well-maintained park is known for its inviting playground, featuring a variety of play structures such as slides and climbing equipment, all set on a soft sandy surface to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for children. The playground is enclosed by a colorful fence, adding a cheerful touch to the park's ambiance.

One of the park's highlights is the serene fish pond located near the entrance. This pond adds a tranquil and scenic element to the park, providing visitors with a peaceful spot to relax and enjoy the natural beauty. Additionally, the park is adorned with several palm trees, offering ample shade and enhancing the tropical feel of the area. Neatly paved walkways and well-kept planters with lush greenery contribute to the park's aesthetic appeal.

Conveniently, Izzudheen Park is situated just a minute away from the arrival jetty at Muli Harbor, making it easily accessible for both locals and visitors. Across from the park, you'll find the Bank of Maldives Muli Branch, adding a practical aspect to this recreational space.

Whether you're looking to entertain children, take a leisurely stroll, or simply enjoy a moment of tranquility by the fish pond, Izzudheen Park in Muli, Meemu Atoll, offers a delightful and multi functional space for all.

Scretariat of the Muli Council
Scretariat of the Muli Council

Muli Local Council Office serves as the administrative hub for the community, facilitating local governance, addressing residents' needs, and fostering community development initiatives in Muli Island, Meemu Atoll

Secretariat of the Mulakatholhu Atoll Council
Secretariat of the Mulakatholhu Atoll Council

The Secretariat of the Mulakatholhu Atoll Council plays a crucial role in the administrative and governance framework of the Mulakatholhu Atoll. This body is responsible for overseeing local development projects, public services, and community welfare initiatives within the atoll.

Administrative Framework:

The Secretariat operates under the decentralized governance system of the Maldives, aiming to bring government services closer to the atoll's residents.


The Council is comprised of elected members representing various islands within the atoll. These members are responsible for voicing the concerns and needs of their constituents.

The Council ensures that local laws and regulations are enforced. It also works on developing new policies to address emerging issues.

Initiatives include building and maintaining infrastructure such as roads, schools, and healthcare facilities.

The Council promotes economic activities like fishing, agriculture, and tourism, which are vital to the local economy.

The Secretariat of the Mulakatholhu Atoll Council is an essential entity that works towards the holistic development and governance of the Mulakatholhu Atoll. Through its various departments and initiatives, it aims to enhance the quality of life for its residents while promoting sustainable development and community engagement.

SkateView Restaurant
SkateView Restaurant

SkateView Restaurant is a renowned dining spot located in Muli, the capital of Meemu Atoll in the Maldives. Known for its stunning ocean views, fresh seafood, and unique dining experience, SkateView attracts both locals and tourists alike.

Location and Ambiance

Location: Situated in the heart of Muli, SkateView offers easy access for visitors staying on the island or arriving by boat.

Ambiance: The restaurant boasts a serene and elegant ambiance with open-air seating that provides panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. The decor is inspired by traditional Maldivian architecture with modern touches, creating a cozy yet sophisticated atmosphere.

International Cuisine:

In addition to local delicacies, the menu International Cuisine: In addition to local delicacies, the menu features a variety of international dishes, including pasta, steaks, and vegetarian options. a variety of international dishes, including pasta, steaks, and vegetarian options.

Dining ExperienceService:

The staff at SkateView is known for their warm hospitality and attentive service. They are well-versed in the menu and can recommend dishes based on guests' preferences.

Futsal pitch
Futsal pitch

Muli Futsal Pitch is a popular recreational area located in front of Café Muli. On the other side of the road, you’ll find a well-maintained volleyball court. Additionally, the Youth Center is just a few steps away from the futsal pitch, providing easy access for visitors. This setup offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the local sports scene, with both futsal and volleyball games frequently taking place. The futsal pitch is conveniently located just a 5-minute walk from the main harbor, making it easily accessible for visitors arriving by boat.

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Discover convenient island transportation with daily ferry services connecting the airport to Muli Island and vice versa, provided by three trusted transport companies: Projets, Malasspeed, and Maidhoospeed

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